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Yes, you heard it right! We’re now on the lookout for new authors whose ideas can challenge our readers and give out some crucial insights about our industry.  So, if you have a brilliant idea, we want to hear about it. Or if you wish to take a completely new perspective on an already existing idea, you’re most welcome to write for us.

However, let us tell you one important thing: Writing for Writeup.- OK MY Google takes time. Apart from that, we would also like the article to be well-researched, free from any grammatical and vocabulary issues. And if there are any revisions, a member of our editorial team will work closely with you.

What’s In It For You?

Writeup.- OK MY Google is frequented by plenty of visitors and so there’s tremendous potential for your article to reach every nook and corner and get read by clients, publishers, agencies and employers alike.

Apart from the above, your article will also be shared on our social profiles as well as various other content distribution networks.

What Are We Looking For?

The articles that you intend to write for us can be based on the following categories. We also accept infographics related to the following:

1.   SEO
2.   Social Media
3.   Analytics
4.   PPC
5.   Content Marketing
6.   E-mail Marketing
7.   Case Studies related to SEO, Social Media, Analytics, PPC etc.

How to Apply?

If you feel you’re a fit for Writeup.- OK MY Google, please write us at johnlyts@gmail.com. We’ll use this information you provide to help us evaluate your writing style, content, and experience; we’ll respond in 2 to 3 working days.

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