Google Search Operators for SEO You Need to Know About

Do you know there a variety of Google search operators that can go a long way in helping you come up with effective SEO strategies?

If you aren’t aware of that, you will get to learn about them in this post, as well as discover ways to use them for your SEO campaigns.

Basic Search Operators

The basic search operators are there to help you get specific search results to refine your SEO strategies and get an idea of the competition in your niche.
Here’s a look at some of the useful basic search operators:

Site: This search operator helps you limit your search to a specific site. For example, if you’re looking for something specific on SEO Optimizers, you need to search for + your search query to find that result on

Link: This can be useful to do competitor research, as it allows you to find pages on the internet that are linking to your competitor’s site.

Related: Sometimes, you want to search for a website similar to the one you’re researching. This can be done using this search operator.

OR: If you’re trying to research two similar topics at once, then you can use this search operator to do that. For example, if you search for “SEO OR PPC” in Google, you will get results that are related to both SEO and PPC.

Advanced Search Operators
Here’s a look at some advanced Google search operators that can help you do some in-depth competitor research and niche research.

Allinanchor: You can use this search operator to find all the links your competitors are getting using a specific anchor text. For example, if you search for “allinanchor:Best SEO Company” then you will find all pages that are linking to an external source using “best SEO company” as the anchor text for the link.

Allintext: Just like the anchor text, you can also search for pages that have mentioned a specific text on them using this slightly different search operator.

Allintitle: This works in a similar way to the above one, but limits itself to the title of the pages. It’s useful for getting a good idea of the competition for specific keywords.

AllinURL: This one is pretty much same as the above, with the only difference being that it searches the URLs of the pages instead of titles.

Finding Link Building Opportunities
Apart from the above, there are also search operators that you can use to find link building opportunities.

Competitor Research
This search operator will help you find backlinks to your competitor’s sites, without having to go through their internal links. You will learn how to better use it if you attend a good SEO class as well.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are one of the most effective ways to increase your site’s rankings. But they need to be done the right way, and you need to focus on getting guest posts on sites related to your niche.

You can find those sites using the following search operators:

Keyword/YourCompetitorName “write for us”
Keyword/YourCompetitorName “guest post”
Keyword/YourCompetitorName “guest blog”
Keyword/YourCompetitorName “guest blogger”
And so on, as can be found in the infographic.

Of course, there are other types of link building opportunities as well that can be found using different search operators, which you will learn about if you carefully go through the infographic here.



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