Fascinating E-mail Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

E-mail marketing is considered to be the most influential marketing channel in terms of return on investment that can deliver maximum benefit to your business. The official data from the year 2018 reveals that email marketing is still more effective than SEO, SMO, and affiliate marketing strategies. This is because most of the people do have an email account but they may or may not have a social media account. This article provides the top successful email marketing tactics that will boost your business.

1. Turn website visitors into customers

Launching a website to disseminate information about your organization is a big milestone. There might be hundreds of visitors on your site per day but converting most of them into potential customers is not an easy task. This is where email marketing can be of great help. You also need email addresses of visitors, so by providing a sign-up form on homepage, you can get the email addresses of site visitors. You can also download and use a sign-up form app on your mobile.
By timely conveying the worth of your business in the emails sent, you will be able to maintain a good relationship with these visitors who will prefer to go ahead for purchase from your company rather than from your competitors.

2. Use personalization to retain customers

Most of the email revenue comes from triggered and personalized campaigns which are necessary for customer retention. It’s wise to hold on existing customers along with acquiring new customers. Personalization takes better care of your customers and keeps them interested since it focuses on their specific requirements.

The email should look like it has been sent by a human and not by a robot. You should feature subscriber-relevant products and relevant offers in cart abandonment reminders.

3. Raise brand awareness

Most of the people like to share the content of their interest with friends and family. An email can also be a fine piece of sharable content if you include a call-to-action feature that encourages your subscribers to share it. This increases your brand popularity in front of new audiences on social media.

Leave a sound impression on the new subscribers by sending welcome emails and informing them about your product or services offered.

4. Make subject lines to improve conversions

The subject line is the only part of which is read by most of the people and determines whether they will open the email or not. From the personal data collected for targeted emails, you can mention subscriber’s first name in the subject line which plays a key role in higher email open rate.

You must also take care of proper subject line length because nearly 50% of emails are opened on smartphones.  A mobile screen displays fewer characters than a laptop or PC screen, so try to keep its length around 5 to 6  words.

5. Aim for segmentation-triggered automation

Once you are having the details of your target audience, it is good to segment them into categories like age group, interests, and behavior, etc. Behavioral segments should be used to divide users on the basis of their interaction with your website. For example, customers willing to know only about the new product versions while others looking for both product and sales updates.

Then automated emails should be triggered based on these behavioral segments to deliver the required and most relevant content like on the birthday of a subscriber, post-purchase, etc.


Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective marketing techniques. Nowadays, email marketing is bringing enormous returns for businesses in various domains. For example, a mobile app development company in India or abroad using this best email marketing tactics can target specific customers which increase the chances of sales and getting potential leads.

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